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How many times have you seen these claims on Youtube and Facebook advertisements?  It usually involves some young guy recording a selfie of himself with all his fancy cars and mansion in the background.

I will admit, these advertisements are quite compelling.  Here is some young hotshot who looks like he is on top of the world and he promises I can follow in his footsteps if I sign up for his program.  These “hidden secrets” are just waiting for me if I sign up for his hundred dollar program.  This guy is no smarter than I am – certainly I could achieve his  level of success as well  – I have nothing to lose, it’s only a hundred dollars.  Who knows, maybe it will work?

The Facade

auto automobile automotive car
It’s a facade..

The majority of these con men are not wealthy.  They portray an image in order to tug at your desires to get you to fund their strategy.  Take a step back for a moment from your day dreaming and think about what they are offering you.  If they have really found the golden ticket on how to become wealthy, do you really think they would want to share it with you and give them more competition in their niche?  If they are so wealthy, why are they not giving the program away for free?  The truth is, they are attempting to create their wealth through your hopes and dreams.  Their real program doesn’t work – that’s why they are pushing the sale of their program so hard.  The sale of their program is what makes them money.

Our Emotional Purchases

The majority of successful advertisers use your emotions against you.  Think about it.  Why did you click the link of this article?  It was probably one of two reasons.  #1. You were pessimistically optimistic that I would be able to deliver on my statement and provide an easy way to get rich quick.  #2?  You wanted to see how full of crap I was and what I was trying to sell in order to take advantage of people.  Either way you were acting out of emotion.

Emotion is usually what is behind our poor financial decisions.  Our money is burning a hole in our pocket – we just need that item – the item that we will not think twice about next year.  When you have that feeling to make a big purchase, sleep on it.  If you still want the item the next day – and can afford to pay for it with cash – it may be appropriate to buy.

Can You Really Get Rich Quick?

woman wearing maroon velvet plunge neck long sleeved dress while carrying several paper bags photography
Shopping spree!!!

The short answer?  Yes, yes you can.  There are many people who have bought that hot stock before anyone else.  There are many other people who invested all of their money into a small startup business and it took off.  Is it realistic to get rich quick?  Absolutely not.  The people who are successful make up a microscopic fraction of those who lost everything attempting to get rich quick.  Are you willing to put your family’s financial well being at risk for an opportunity to get rich?  You may argue that the above mentioned get rich quick program was only a hundred dollars.  Well, that is a hundred dollars you just gave away – you will not get it back 100 fold as promised so you might as well just donate it to me since you want to part with it so badly.

I do not fault you for fantasizing about the idea of getting rich quick.  The majority of you have spent many many years working extremely hard and you still are not financially secure.  All this hard work hasn’t paid off so why not try a different strategy?  You’re right, you do need a different strategy, but the correct strategy takes time – and it will pay off with big dividends!  I’m talking about living on a budget and living on less than you make.  A crazy strategy I know, but it doesn’t involve risking everything and retiring on Ramen noodle soup.  Find the strategy that actually works here: Arrest Your Debt – The Debt Payoff Playbook.

Fight Your Emotions

If you really want to get rich quick and just need to spend money, I would recommend spending two dollars on a Powerball drawing.  That way you can still feed your get rich quick desire but you won’t be spending hundreds of dollars funding a con artists lavish life style.  If God wants you to be rich, then maybe he will make it happen through the Powerball, but if you don’t win on that drawing, stop playing!  I’m willing to bet that he would rather you live a focused and intentional life being an example for others on how to appropriately handle the money he has given you.  Just my 2 cents..

Don’t fall for these get rich quick schemes that are all over the internet my friends.  You will not get rich – you will make them rich instead.  Hold onto your money and let your money work for you through passive income investments.  More on this later.

Comment below if you have ever been suckered by a get rich quick scheme or if you have a will of steel and refused to be conned!  Also, if you found this article helpful please share it across social media and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog!  Stay safe my friends – you work too hard to be this broke!


*If you were not able to figure it out by the article – you will not make $500,000 a year from subscribing to my blog….

Author: Ryan

Hi!  My name is Ryan and I have a passion for personal finance and education.  I am married and have three children, a girl and two boys all under the age of ten.  My wife stays home with the kids so it can be challenging to live off one income.  Much of what I write is based off my personal experiences and what I have learned in the course of my life. My financial journey began when my wife and I saved up a sum of money and I didn't know who I could trust to invest it.  After several interviews with financial advisers, I still didn't feel like I could trust anyone.  That began my journey to educate myself by reading every finance book I could get my hand on and by attending financial seminars.  After getting a good handle on debt, finance, and investments, I decided to start this blog as a resource for others who find it difficult to trust people with their money. I recently started writing this blog about how to get out of debt and start investing to create the future you deserve. I have been in law enforcement for 14 years and I have seen the devastation left behind by people who mismanage their finances.  I started this blog because I want to help as many people I can by educating them on common sense money management. As far as my formal education, I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Education and a Master of Administration Degree from Northern Arizona University.  I am an adjunct professor at a local community college and I have been a student of finance for many years. This blog is dedicated to those looking to eliminate their debt and to mold a new way of thinking, living, and spending. Education, focused on financial stability and wealth, is the main purpose of this blog. This website is a new journey for me and I know there are areas that I could improve.  Please feel free to reach out to me with any critiques - I would love the feedback so I can be as effective as I possibly can and provide the most relevant information.  I look forward to writing for you and learning with you! If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you! -Ryan

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