Learn How To Get A Free Ring.com Doorbell!

Learn how to get a free Ring.com doorbell!

As you know, I am all about finance and making the best financial choices we possibly can.  I am also very passionate about crime prevention and safety!  Today I get to combine these two passions to offer you an easy strategy to get yourself a free Ring.com doorbell!

Today I learned about the new Ring.com neighbor app that they are just starting to roll out.  In order to get more people signed up, they are offering a promotion to those who help them spread the word about their new app.  For each person you refer to the app, you get $10.00 in Ring.com credit that can be used to purchase a product on their website and the person downloading the app also gets $10.00 towards a future purchase.

This is a super easy promotion that doesn’t have any strings attached.  All you have to do is download the free Ring neighborhood app HERE! and sign up.  It takes like 1 minute to sign up and it’s completely free.  The app is similar to the Nextdoor app except way better.  This app is moderated and is a video based app.

The way it works is those in your neighborhood who have a video monitoring system, Ring, Nest, or any other video program can upload videos of suspicious people or crimes to the app and they share it with their neighbors based on where you live.  Neighbors all see the video and work together to keep their eyes open and catch these predators in their neighborhoods.  You can also set how far around your house you want to receive new video alerts so it’s very customizable.  It blows Nextdoor away and again, it’s completely free.

How Is It Free?

Now how do you get a free Ring.com doorbell? Easy!  Once you download the app, you get 10 dollars and can share your unique link with other people.  When someone else downloads the app (provided they are not a current Ring.com customer and have not downloaded the neighbor app before) both of you get $10.00 towards the purchase of equipment.  If you refer 10 people to the app, you have $100.00 in credit – the cost of the basic model Ring.com doorbell!

10 people is all it takes, I bet you have 10 friends, co-workers, family members who will download the app through your link to get you to that mark right?  Again, download the app HERE to get started and you will get your unique code to share with others.

Thanks for reading this bonus content and I look forward to hearing your comments on how quickly you were able to get your referrals together to get a free Ring.com doorbell!



Author: Ryan

Hi!  My name is Ryan and I have a passion for personal finance and education.  I am married and have three children, a girl and two boys all under the age of ten.  My wife stays home with the kids so it can be challenging to live off one income.  Much of what I write is based off my personal experiences and what I have learned in the course of my life. My financial journey began when my wife and I saved up a sum of money and I didn't know who I could trust to invest it.  After several interviews with financial advisers, I still didn't feel like I could trust anyone.  That began my journey to educate myself by reading every finance book I could get my hand on and by attending financial seminars.  After getting a good handle on debt, finance, and investments, I decided to start this blog as a resource for others who find it difficult to trust people with their money. I recently started writing this blog about how to get out of debt and start investing to create the future you deserve. I have been in law enforcement for 14 years and I have seen the devastation left behind by people who mismanage their finances.  I started this blog because I want to help as many people I can by educating them on common sense money management. As far as my formal education, I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Education and a Master of Administration Degree from Northern Arizona University.  I am an adjunct professor at a local community college and I have been a student of finance for many years. This blog is dedicated to those looking to eliminate their debt and to mold a new way of thinking, living, and spending. Education, focused on financial stability and wealth, is the main purpose of this blog. This website is a new journey for me and I know there are areas that I could improve.  Please feel free to reach out to me with any critiques - I would love the feedback so I can be as effective as I possibly can and provide the most relevant information.  I look forward to writing for you and learning with you! If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you! -Ryan

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