Step 1 - Enter Your Monthly Income
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After Tax Monthly Pay
Your After Tax Monthly Pay Include income from your base salary and income. Do not count extra jobs or side hustles.
Spouse's Monthly Take Home Pay
Extra Monthly Income
Other Monthly Income Off duty jobs, side hustles, etc.
Total Monthly After Tax Income
Step 2 - MonthlyExpenses
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Housing and Utilities
Home Equity Loan or Second Mortgage
Home Insurance (If paid separately)
Property Taxes (If paid separately)
Homeowner's Association (HOA) Fees
Home Repairs & Maintenance
Electric & Gas
Water, Sewer, and Trash
Phone Bill
Internet and/or Cable
Vehicle Payment
Second Vehicle Payment
Vehicle Insurance
Vehicle Maintenance
Misc. Vehicle Expenses
Household Goods
Eating At Restaurants
Personal Hygiene
MedicalCo-Pays and other expenses not covered by insurance
Prescription Drugs
Term Life Insurance
Misc. Expenses
Haircut and/or Style
Child Care Expenses
Child Support Payments
School Tuition & Supplies
Outstanding Debt
Credit Cards Total minimum monthly payments
Personal Loans Total minimum monthly payments
Medical Debt Total minimum monthly payments
Student Loans Total minimum monthly payments
Tax Debt Payments
Miscellaneous Debt Payments
Misc. Expenses
Fun Money
Monthly Subscriptions
Church Tithe & Charitable Donations
Animal Care
Holidays & Birthdays
Other Expenses
Total Expenses