Ryan Luke

Ryan Luke is a father of three, a husband, finance blogger, and full-time police officer. Through proper budgeting and money management, they have been able to live off one income and build wealth at the same time. As an active member of the personal finance community, his goal is to educate and help people get out of debt and build wealth!

first investments for beginners and everyone else

First Investments For Beginners And Everyone Else

Finances are a personal topic that very few want to really talk about. Many hold their finances as much in secret as their intimate relationships. However, learning how to invest your money can make a big difference in your financial future.

mercari review

Mercari Review [2020]: Our Experience

There are many places online where you can sell your clothing, as well as other items. The latest and greatest app is Mercari – and my wife is addicted to it. Because of this, I have decided to write a Mercari review.

make money donate plasma

Want To Know More About Donating Plasma?

Life is supposed to be enjoyable, however, a large number of bills and a financially dependent family can hinder your happiness. Some say that in modern society, the key to attaining true happiness is money. 

amyway pyramid scheme, fact or fiction

Amway Pyramid Scheme – Fact or Fiction?

Have you been in this situation? An old friend calls and wants to meet to catch up and to discuss an opportunity. Once you arrive, there are glossy fliers on how you too can become wealthy while working part-time from home with Amway. It all looks so attractive. Is it too good to be true?

my review of undebt.it

Undebt It App Review [2020]

In order to successfully get out of debt, you need to have two things: 1. A change in mindset that believes you can get out of debt, and 2. A plan to actually do it. This is where the Undebt It App may be the perfect plan for you!

financial literacy

9 Great Ways To Become Financially Literate

Studies show that people who are financially literate, financially outperform people who are not. If you know what you are doing, you will get better results. This makes sense but sometimes it is easier said than done.

what happens to your debts when you die

What Happens With Your Debts When You Die? [Answered]

Do you know what will happen to your debt when you die? Some debts are forgiven while others may be passed down to heirs. This article will answer some of the most frequently asked questions related to death and debt.

How Azure Standard Saves Us Money On Groceries

Although you may be unfamiliar with the name Azure Standard, it had its start in the early 1970s in a little town called Dufur, Oregon. Years ago, founder and CEO David Stelzer and his family decided to stop using pesticides and herbicides on their farm’s commercial crops, garden, and orchard.