Budgeting 101

your debt problem may be an income problem

Your Debt Problem May Be An Income Problem

If you have been struggling with debt for any amount of time, I’m sure you have read how “easy” it is to get out of debt by budgeting and cutting your spending. If you control your spending, all your debt problems will be fixed right? Maybe yes, maybe no.

why I have 6 bank accounts and you should too!

Why I Have 6 Bank Accounts – And You Should Too!

You read that right, I have six bank accounts that I use on a monthly basis. I have had more in the past and the number of accounts fluctuates depending on what is going on in my life. Keep reading to see why I have six bank accounts and why you may even need more!

The Ultimate Guide To Save Money!

With a quick search on the internet, it seems there are countless ways to save money.  The saving money tips range from making your own soap to shopping around for car insurance.  I have scoured the web and put together the 32 most comprehensive and reasonable saving strategies out there.