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your guide to stress free wedding planning on a budget

Your Guide To Stress-Free Wedding Planning On A Budget

Congratulations — you’re engaged! While the media might lead you to believe that wedding planning is stressful, overwhelming, and expensive, it certainly doesn’t have to be. In this article, you’ll find the best tips and tactics for planning a wedding on a budget you can afford– all without the stress and being overwhelmed!

mother talking to child, get your kid to talk to you

How To Get Your Kid To Talk To You

Teaching your child how to properly communicate is an essential part of raising them and teaching them about money. Unfortunately, many kids don’t like to talk and will only give you a one-word answer when you ask them how their day was.

christian healthcare ministries

A Review Of Christian Healthcare Ministries

Remember the good old days when health insurance premiums were affordable, deductibles were low, and coverage was superb? Putting all politics aside, I think we can all agree that healthcare costs are rising and health insurance premiums for most people are a joke. That’s why my family uses Christian Healthcare Ministries instead of insurance.

how to make working from home a reality

How To Make Working From Home A Reality

Working from home may seem like a dream, but I know several people who have been able to make this dream a reality. There are pros and cons to working from home, and this article will define how you can be successful with a work from home job.

Does Money Buy Happiness? [Answered]

Time and time again we have heard that money can’t buy happiness. But is that actually true? I don’t know about you but when I go out and buy something expensive, I certainly am happy. Who’s to tell me any differently?

business plan how this couple used a small business loan to level up their practice

How This Couple Leveraged Debt To Increase Their Cash Flow

“One hundred fifty thousand dollars on the build-out, two hundred seventy-five on the business, and another couple hundred on the goodwill…” It was like a sick and twisted math problem, circa 1st grade, just adding up all the small business loans we had taken out. Was I stressed and burnt out, and (in an honest …

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