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Learn how to stop losing in Vegas and come home a winner!

Never Lose In Las Vegas Again!

Earlier this month I went on a guys trip to Las Vegas.  We usually go once a year and try our hand at the blackjack tables.  This may be an interesting statement coming from a finance blogger, but let me explain…

My Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider Experience

A while back I met with a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider (ELP), because I did not know who I could trust with my money.  Dave seemed trustworthy so I gave his ELP a shot.  

Check out my top free budget and retirement tracker that keeps me on track!

My Top Free Budget And Retirement Tracker

There are many different budget and retirement trackers on the market, and many charge ridiculous fees to use their services.  I am not a proponent for paying for something you could get for free, so that is why I want to talk about a free tracker that I personally use to evaluate my finances.

Why Wealth And Income Is Not The Same Thing

How much money do you make?  Many people place their value on how much money they earn each year.  What if I told you that the majority of high-income earners, over $200K a year, are not wealthy?  Today we will discuss why wealth and income is not the same thing.

The Link Between Health And Financial Wealth

Are you taking care of yourself physically? The link between physical health and success in this world is a strong one. With increased physical health, comes more clarity and a sharper focus in your daily activities.

Don't pay off debt until you have done these 2 things!

Do These 2 Things Before You Start Paying Off Debt!

You have a ton of debt and you got lucky this month and have an extra $500.00 lying around.  What should you do with it?  Your gut may say put it towards your debt.  Unless you have done these two things, putting it towards debt is the wrong decision!

Find out the best strategy to destroy your debt, win in retirement, and what to do about tax refunds and raises!

What To Do About Debt, Retirement, Tax Refunds, and Raises

More than likely you have a few questions each year about what to do about your current debt, retirement, tax refund and raises.  In this article, I will give you some insight as to how to get the ball rolling in your favor to take advantage of your income!

8 Top Tax Law Changes For 2018. Find out how they will affect you!

8 Top Tax Law Changes For 2018, How Will They Affect You?

In this post, I will go over some of the major Tax Law Changes that took effect this year and may have an impact on you when you file your taxes in 2019.  Make sure you are making the best choices for your tax implications!