How To Compare Different Car Warranty Companies

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Owning an automobile can make your life much easier, especially if you live in an area that does not have a good public transportation system. But anyone who owns a vehicle also needs to be prepared to pay for repairs.

One of the great things about brand-new cars is the fact that they come with bumper-to-bumper warranties. However, warranties only last for a specified period of time/number of miles. Purchasing a car warranty for a used car or after the manufacturer warranty expires can be a very wise choice.

Choosing the right car warranty company is essential. Looking at reviews can help. For example, if you search for a popular car warranty company like CarShield, you will find many CarShield reviews.

Reviews can provide important information, but doing more in-depth research can ensure that you get the car warranty that best suits your needs. Use the following tips to help you compare different car warranty companies:

Contact Multiple Car Warranty Companies

Just like insurance companies, there are many companies that provide car warranties. When you’re searching for a car warranty to purchase, it is in your best interest to look at multiple options.

Most car warranty companies have websites so you can look over what is available. But it is also a good idea to talk with a representative of the company via phone or chat before you buy a warranty. Doing so will give you the opportunity to ask questions and get clear answers about what you can expect from a car warranty from that specific company.

The more time you take to contact different car warranty companies and learn more about what they have to offer, the less likely you are to purchase a warranty that isn’t at the best price or doesn’t provide what you need.

Consider the Price

The majority of people choose to purchase a car warranty as a form of protection against unexpected and costly auto repair bills. So, it makes sense to choose a warranty that is affordable and provides good value.

If you have a newer vehicle with a manufacturer warranty that just expired, you probably don’t want to spend a lot each month on a warranty. But if your automobile is older, a higher-priced vehicle warranty may be worth the price. Properly maintaining a vehicle can prevent a lot of issues, but an aging vehicle will need to have repairs and parts replaced.

Check the Deductible

A manufacturer warranty on a brand-new vehicle and a warranty on a vehicle outside of the manufacturer warranty are typically not the same. When you buy a car warranty for a vehicle that is a little bit older, you may be responsible for a deductible. That means that you will have to pay a certain amount before your warranty covers the rest of the cost of repairs.

The good news is that a deductible required on a car warranty is usually very affordable. In most cases, the deductible amount is far less than the amount you would pay out of pocket for repairs or purchasing new auto parts.

Look for Requirements About Where You Can Have Your Vehicle Repaired

As you search for a car warranty to protect your vehicle, don’t forget to look for requirements that a car warranty company may have in regard to where your automobile can be repaired. Some warranties can have strict rules that do not work for everyone.

If you already take your vehicles to an auto repair shop that you trust, make sure that the car warranty that you’re interested in doesn’t have any stipulations that exclude that place. You will be much happier with a car warranty that has flexibility and will cover the cost of repairs at your preferred auto shop.

Understand What Is Covered

A car warranty sounds like a wonderful thing for any automobile owner. And in the majority of cases, an auto warranty can provide great peace of mind. But while looking at different companies that offer auto warranties, you need to understand what is covered. What parts of the car are covered, and what parts are not? Also, are there coverage limits?

What a car warranty covers can vary greatly from one company to another. Looking carefully at the terms and coverage that a car warranty is offering can make a huge difference.


Choosing to buy a car warranty for a used vehicle or a newer vehicle with a recently expired manufacturer warranty can be quite smart. But there are so many companies that offer warranties that it can feel overwhelming when trying to find the right one.

Spending a little bit of time comparing car warranty options is one of the best things that you can do. A little bit of time and research can ensure that you find the car warranty that works best for your situation.