5 Ways To Earn Money From Facebook

facebook money

The first name that pops into your head at the mention of social media is inevitably Facebook. And no wonder; Facebook is the king. Both of social media and lack of privacy! But it’s questionable policies aside, Facebook’s monopoly and omnipresence make it the perfect way to add a significant boost to your monthly income. Initially, you will only make a small amount suitable just for pocket expenses, but as your fans grow, your reach goes farther and farther.

If you are looking to buy Facebook followers, look elsewhere. However, once you increase engagement on Facebook, here are five clever ways to earn money from Facebook. 

Create Business Pages

We do not mean a page for your business. On the contrary, this is about creating pages for other local businesses. Here is how it goes: not everyone has the know-how for creating an attractive and effective Facebook page. If you have the skills required, you can offer your services as a creator to small businesses around the area.

You do not even need to be a Facebook user to do this. Further, everything about this hustle is home-based. While this does not give you too much income, it is still a nice addition to your total inbound monetary traffic. And half a dish of ice-cream is better than none.

Like And Share Things

Perhaps you are unaware of this, but several websites offer money to just go on Facebook and like and share stuff. All you need is a simple profile that does not look fake, and you are good to go. These websites often ask that you have a profile picture uploaded to your account at the very least. You do not even need a Facebook page. Hence, this is the easiest way of adding a few bucks every month.

The way it works is this: someone wants to gain popularity on Facebook. They pay a certain company to get that engagement. The company then hires several people like you to give their customers the engagement they need. It is easy work, but once again, not highly profitable unless you invest a significant amount of time.

Sponsored Posts

If you want a little more money falling into your lap, you should go for sponsored posts. However, for this to work, you must have a Facebook page with a massive audience. Further, these sponsored posts are often targeted, and thus, you will only receive such gigs if your followers are active and the company’s voice resonates with your page.

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    Note that you must always declare it if you are posting sponsored content. Your job will mostly be promoting the products and services of various companies. Ensure that your audience can connect with the brand you have partnered up with. Otherwise, you will lose trust and credibility, reducing your income and causing you loss of followers.

    Become An Affiliate Marketer

    Affiliate marketers also promote products and services. However, their income is based on sales rather than awareness. Sponsored posts are all about awareness. However, you do not get paid for posting about something if you are an affiliate marketer. 

    Instead, you will receive an affiliate link or a coupon code, and every time someone uses that code or link to buy something from the company, you will receive a small commission. This caveat makes affiliate marketing slightly tougher than the other ways we have mentioned here. 

    If it is a coupon code and someone forgets to use it, you do not get a commission. If someone opens the website from your link but makes the purchase elsewhere, you do not get a commission. However, the profits can add up quickly over time.

    Facebook Ads

    If nothing works, then long live Facebook ads. Note that this does not mean making money from advertisements is easy. It requires planning and strategy. Further, ads need to be targeted. To do so, you must have a Facebook page that focuses on a primary area so that you get clicks on your ads. If the ads are not relevant to your audience, they will simply ignore them and scroll past without a second thought.

    Further, the amount you gain per click is often negligible, and thus, Facebook ads require patience and dedication. Nonetheless, they are still a pretty nifty side hustle that you can rely on for adding a few bucks to your monthly income. You can even use some of the best Facebook marketing tools for ultimate Facebook page growth. 


    Gaining traction and popularity on social media is difficult. Studies show that you have just a few milliseconds to grab people’s attention before they scroll past. Unless someone is hell-bent on reading through everything that pops up on their feed, you will not receive much engagement unless your posts grab attention at first glance.

    However, once you have the organic growth you need, there are various ways of earning money from Facebook. If you know some that belong in this list, let us know through the comments box below.