4 Ways To Generate More Phone Leads For Your Business

man calling on phone 4 Ways To Generate More Phone Leads For Your Business

Phone leads are incredibly valuable for businesses, but online leads often overshadow them. Business owners assume that it’s all about online leads these days, but that isn’t the case. There are still plenty of people out there that would prefer to deal with a business over the phone.

Finding a bulk SMS marketing solution that is best suited to your company’s needs is a great way to start connecting with potential customers immediately.

It’s also a lot easier to close deals over the phone because you have the customer there, and you make a direct connection with them.

In order to establish this connection, you can implement SMS marketing. Did you know that more than 200 million Americans can send and receive text messages, which means that the benefits of SMS marketing are huge. A wide variety of short communications, promotions, or reminders puts your company immediately in front of your target audience. And since SMS marketing is typically permission-based, you achieve a higher engagement rate at a low cost.

All businesses will benefit from generating more phone leads, but what are the best ways to do that? 

Paid Search Ads 

Paid search ads on Google are a popular marketing method for generating website traffic, but did you know that they are also effective for increasing phone leads? You need to tailor your landing pages so users can see your phone number right away if they are interested.

Remember that people can easily dial a number straight from a webpage on most modern smartphones, so paid search is a simple way to generate phone leads. 

QR Codes 

Businesses often use offline marketing methods like posters or direct mail to generate phone leads. You can make those methods even more effective with the addition of a QR code instead of a full phone number.

If you add a QR code that inputs your number automatically when scanned, all the customer has to do is press call. It makes the whole process a lot easier for them, so they’re far more likely to give you a call. Keep in mind that this method can be used for generating online leads too. 

A Good ‘Contact Us’ Page

If somebody is on your website already, you’re over the first hurdle. But you haven’t closed the sale yet, and in many cases, you won’t unless you can get them on the phone. Many people like to browse products online and then deal with a business on the phone to make a purchase or ask for more information.

If your phone number is not easily visible, you’re missing out on potential leads, so make sure you have a good ‘contact us page. You can also display your phone number in your website banner for extra visibility. 

Word Of Mouth Referrals 

This last one is very underrated, but it’s still one of the best ways to get phone leads for many businesses, especially those that offer a service of some kind. People trust in their friends’ and family’s opinions a lot more than they do in your marketing materials, so if previous customers sing your praises, you are likely to get a lot of phone leads.

You can facilitate this by giving out plenty of business cards, but it’s the level of service that you provide that really makes a difference. You should always treat every customer as the most important, but this is especially important if you want to generate more phone leads. 

These are all great methods for generating more phone leads and closing more deals, so whether you are trying to revive a dying business or you are just starting out, don’t underestimate the power of phone leads.