Let’s Start Earning On Etsy

let's start earning on etsy

Nothing beats crafting, does it? Days spent crocheting are days well spent indeed. No matter how much crafting you do, the chances are that you’ll never quite get past the amazement of seeing your vision come to life.
One thing’s for sure; you’ll have something fantastic to show for your efforts every time. Sadly, when you only create for yourself or your family, it’s possible to hit a crafting wall. There are only so many toys you can crochet for your kids, after all. Past that, you may find that you’re just creating clutter. 

Luckily, reaching this stage doesn’t mean you need to give up crafting altogether. Instead, it’s a sign that you might benefit from taking your creative impulses further than just your family unit.

Turning to platforms like Etsy to sell your goods could be just the thing to reinvigorate your making process. Not to mention it could help you earn a modest sum for your efforts. 

Turning Passions Into Income

As you work to improve your finances, turning your hobbies into income is something you should look into. Many people create for the fun of creating without realizing people would pay good money for your time and talents.

This is not about chasing money – it’s about turning your passions into income. What better way to add a little extra money to your budget each month than doing what you love?
Some of the biggest success stories started out with stay-at-home moms creating crafts and selling them to friends and neighbors.

Using Etsy To Sell Your Arts And Crafts

If you haven’t yet heard of Etsy, it is an online platform where you can buy and sell handmade items. Etsy (the business) does not hold any inventory, but rather they are the go-between to connect customers with sellers.

Many crafty people have used Etsy to make a decent living from selling their crafts they made in the comfort of their own home.

If this is your first foray into online selling, it may seem overwhelming to create your own store. In addition, most people try to design their stores on their own without any research at all.

Before you start selling, make sure you do your homework and protect both your online store as well as your crafts and ideas. There are thousands of sellers on this platform and each one of them could take your ideas if you don’t protect yourself.

Preparing Your Storefront

In order to prepare your online store to start selling your crafts, you will want to develop an appealing storefront and a shop name which is sure to stick in peoples’ minds. You should also go all out with page design and even banners as mentioned on blog.bannersnack.com.

how to create your etsy logo and banner

Etsy is a very visual platform and using custom graphics and high-quality photographs will help you be successful. These will all add an appeal to your page, which will keep customers browsing and buying from you.

Increase Your Etsy Success By Sharing On Social Media

Building up your social media platforms should be the first thing you start doing. You should have an Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest account with your store information.

Sharing your store on as many social media platforms as possible is a must. This is, after all, where your primary traffic will come from. Do note that merely posting a link in a Tweet is unlikely to work here.

Instead, show people how amazing your store is with screenshots, which you can achieve from the help of guides like https://setapp.com/how-to/screenshot-on-mac. Also, make sure you share images of your store at regular intervals to keep that interest alive.

You may even find it worthwhile to share at different times of day to utilize the largest crowd possible.

Tag Your Items For Maximum Etsy Exposure

When it comes to finding an online audience, businesses rely on something called search engine optimization. This technique involves using keywords and other methods to improve search engine rankings which will increase traffic to their website.

Etsy uses tags in order to categorize items and to help customers find exactly what they are looking for. To make it easier for sellers, each time you post a product, Etsy will give you the option to include tags which are similar to descriptive keywords. Describing your product in a word or two will add additional ways for people to find your items.

For more tips on how to use Etsy tags and for selling on Etsy, head over to https://diycraftphotography.com. This website covers tagging and many other details in Etsy that you need to be successful.

Wrapping It All Up

This article was designed to spur your interest in turning your hobbies and passions into profit. There are hundreds of thousands of people out there who are not gifted in the arts and crafts department (like me) who would much rather purchase these items from awesome people like you.

If you enjoy making crafts, check out Etsy and use some of these above-mentioned resources to get you on the right track to start making income from your hobbies!


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