3 Steps To Sell Your Unwanted Timeshare

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It’s no secret that since early 2020, travel has been difficult, and the way many people live has changed drastically. The world has been turned on its head, and all of this change has led to many people reevaluating how they travel, where they spend their money, and what works best for their lifestyle.

For those of you who purchased a timeshare with the hopes of enjoying yearly trips to your favorite resort, we know you haven’t been receiving the full value of your ownership. Between canceled vacations, resort and destination restrictions, and your steep annual maintenance fees that keep piling up, we understand how frustrating it is to get so little out of your investment. 

If you started to ask yourself, “How can I sell my timeshare?” there is hope. It might feel like an impossible task, but don’t worry, we have an easy three-step guide to help you on your way to finding an interested buyer and getting out of your unused ownership:

1. Choose The Right Advertising Platform

With so many ways to sell just about anything on the internet, where is the right place to advertise? Some of the most common places people attempt to sell timeshares are on e-commerce sites, timeshare forums, social media marketplaces, and timeshare resale platforms.

General e-commerce sites and social media marketplaces might seem like a convenient first step, but they rarely prove to be effective. These platforms attract a diverse group of visitors, many of which aren’t searching specifically for timeshare ownership. So, while these platforms have an abundance of users, the pool of committed and interested buyers is low, which means your advertisement will sit without offers.

In addition to the minimal interest, these sites and timeshare forums do not provide additional support and services necessary to ensure a safe transaction with a qualified buyer. Timeshare market value assessments, closing service referrals, and access to other industry professionals who understand the complexities of these ownership contracts are essential for an owner to have a hassle- and stress-free timeshare selling process.

Secondary Timeshare Marketplaces

When you want to sell something as specific as a timeshare, it’s best to use a secondary timeshare marketplace. Timeshare resales are a niche market, but many interested buyers are out there. These websites drive those people to their available resales, helping sellers get out of their timeshares quickly and legally.

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    Of all the secondary marketplaces to choose from, SellMyTimeshareNow.com is one of the best in the business.

    SellMyTimeshareNow.com is the world’s largest and most active timeshare resale and rental marketplace, thanks to their team of timeshare experts and intuitive website. They have helped thousands of timeshare owners sell their timeshares on their marketplace since 2003 and have had over $2.8 billion timeshare sales and rental offers on their platform.

    Just on the homepage, you will find links to all of the most important information a seller might need- from how the platform works to access to endless timeshare professionals. They want to make the process of how to sell your timeshare as simple and transparent as possible so sellers just like you can move on with their lives without the stress of a vacation ownership contract weighing on their shoulders.

    2. Find Out Your Timeshare’s Value

    Similar to a home, you’ll want to find out the market value of your timeshare to be competitive with other similar timeshares already being advertised. Though your timeshare isn’t appraised the same way a home is, it does hold a specific value. How much your timeshare is worth is determined by a number of particular ownership details, including but not limited to:

    • Ownership brand
    • Home resort and location
    • The type of ownership (deeded, right to use, fractional)
    • Usage type (points, fixed-week, floating week)
    • Week/season (high vs. low demand)
    • Usage frequency (annual, biennial, etc.)
    • Unit type and size

    Once you collect this information from your contract, or as much of it as you can find, you can head over to SellMyTimeshareNow.com and use their three-step timeshare value survey to learn the market value of your timeshare resale.

    A timeshare expert from their team will contact you to discuss their findings and answer any questions you might have about the value assessment, how the resale market works, what your next steps are, and what you can do to have your timeshare seen by as many buyers as possible.

    3. Advertise Your Timeshare And Field Offers

    Now, with your timeshare’s value and all you know about the best place to sell your timeshare, it’s time to decide if you’re ready to let go of your ownership.

    If you’re ready to take the leap and rid yourself of the stress of annual maintenance fees forever, you can start to create your timeshare advertisement. On SellMyTimeshareNow.com, you’ll work with a timeshare resale expert to create an advertisement for your specific timeshare with all of those details you collected for the market value assessment to stand out against the competition. 

    Once you have approved the final ad, they will push the ad live, and their marketing team will work diligently to put your timeshare in front of as many interested buyers as possible worldwide. In addition to their advanced digital marketing tactics, SellMyTimeshareNow.com’s search features also make it easy for prospective buyers to seek out your resale with filters by price, brand, weeks, location, and much more.

    Managing Offers And Getting The Most Money

    When you begin to receive offers, you can communicate directly with the interested buyer to negotiate the price. Once you’ve come to an agreement, you can utilize the reputable closing services recommended by the independent resale expert team to transfer your ownership and receive payment for your timeshare. From here, you complete the required paperwork and can start enjoying your timeshare-free life!

    If you’re ready to start making changes to your life, why not start with one where you can have a team of experts at your disposal? SellMyTimeshareNow.com has never made it easier to understand how the resale market works, answer your questions, walk you through how to sell a timeshare hassle-free, and offer you both resources and timeshare professionals along the way.