How I’m Going To Dig Out Of Credit Card Debt

Pacing in Writing

I’m very excited for this post today!  It is a guest post from Melanie over at Partners In Fire who I work with on a regular basis.  She has been blogging about financial independence for a while now and even has a new PODCAST!   Continue reading “How I’m Going To Dig Out Of Credit Card Debt”


How To Feel Good About Christmas In January

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Christmas in January?  You know what I’m talking about – Christmas in February, March, April…. the gift that keeps on giving, through credit card debt. Continue reading “How To Feel Good About Christmas In January”

When It Pays To Use Credit Cards

Find out how to make the credit card companies pay you!

Credit cards can be a great tool for earning rewards and cash back if used properly.  Unfortunately, according to, the average household that’s carrying credit card debt has a balance of $15,482.¹ Continue reading “When It Pays To Use Credit Cards”