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How many times have you seen these claims on Youtube and Facebook advertisements?  It usually involves some young guy recording a selfie of himself with all his fancy cars and mansion in the background. Continue reading “Make $500,000 This Year*! Read Below!”


7 Healthy Habits To Get Out Of Debt

Check out these 7 healthy ideas to get out of debt!

Let’s face it, the reason you’re in debt is partly due to some bad habits.  To simplify it even more, you spend, or have spent more than your income which has left you in this stressful position. Continue reading “7 Healthy Habits To Get Out Of Debt”

How To Feel Good About Christmas In January

man in santa claus costume
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Christmas in January?  You know what I’m talking about – Christmas in February, March, April…. the gift that keeps on giving, through credit card debt. Continue reading “How To Feel Good About Christmas In January”