Friends With (Financial) Benefits

Certain friends will help you and others will hurt your income.  Find out how!

As you start or continue this journey to get your finances in check, you may have identified some potential speed bumps that are going to make your path more difficult. Continue reading “Friends With (Financial) Benefits”


12 Month Cutback And Save – Money Challenge!

Up for a challenge?  Check out this cut back and save money challenge!

I have read several blog posts detailing different money challenges, but I have yet to see one that goes for more than a month. Continue reading “12 Month Cutback And Save – Money Challenge!”

Not Your Standard Millennial

Millennials are not usually good with money.  Read about this thriving millennial!

Today I have a special guest post from Johnzelle.  Johnzelle stumbled upon my blog as I was just starting up and has been extremely supportive ever since.  He is a great motivator and currently writes about mental health and lifestyle on his blog Perfectly Imperfect.  I appreciate him taking the time to add his perspective to this financial journey we are all on! Continue reading “Not Your Standard Millennial”

Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps Are Outdated

Find out why Dave Ramsey's baby steps are outdated!

It’s true… Dave Ramsey may be the king of the Baby Steps and the Debt Snowball, but his outdated techniques are a disservice to those trying to get out of debt. Continue reading “Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps Are Outdated”

How To Pick The Right Life Insurance

Term or whole life insurance? Find out which one is best for you!

If you type “life insurance” in Google, you will get bombarded by advertisements touting their best life insurance product.  With so many different varieties, which one is best suited for you?  Do you even need life insurance?  If you have people who depend on you, the answer is YES! Continue reading “How To Pick The Right Life Insurance”

15 Things You Can Stop Buying Now To Save Money

Read below for 15 things you can easily cut out of your life to save money!

15 things you can stop buying now to save up money!

Below are 15 things you can cut out of your life to save a significant amount of money.  I will admit, there are several things I do splurge on – such as organic apples – but for the most part, our shopping habits cut out much of the fluff so we can continue moving closer to our financial goals.  By creating good buying habits, you will start to devalue the overpriced items you once bought! Continue reading “15 Things You Can Stop Buying Now To Save Money”

David Is Worried About Eating… What Is Your Biggest Worry?

Poor people in other countries are praying for what we take for granted.

Someone else is praying for the basic things we take for granted…

This post today is a bit personal for me and something I care deeply about.  Let me introduce you to a friend of mine.  His name is David Jatta and he lives in The Gambia.  The Gambia is the smallest country in the mainland of Africa and 48% of the population lives in poverty.  I recently asked David if I could share his story and he graciously agreed.

Continue reading “David Is Worried About Eating… What Is Your Biggest Worry?”

The 21 Most Dependable Used Cars Made In 2015

adult auto automobile automotive
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Are you in the market for a new car?  Before you spend a ton of money on a new vehicle that will lose the majority of its worth in the first year, check out one of these dependable used vehicles made in 2015.  Your wallet and retirement account will thank you! Continue reading “The 21 Most Dependable Used Cars Made In 2015”

My Top 10 Reading List (2018)

Below are my top 10 book recommendations for 2018.

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Several people have recently asked me what books I recommend and what I have read recently. Looking back on the past few years, these are some of my top recommendations in no particular order:

Continue reading “My Top 10 Reading List (2018)”