The Main Ingredient For Growing Your Income

the main ingredient 1 1 The Main Ingredient For Growing Your Income

“Once you stop learning, you start dying”

Are you still growing?

Are you in a rut?  Are you digging yourself out of a financial mess, or are you at a stale point in your life?  These ruts come at inconvenient times and it can be difficult to get out of them.   We haven’t received a raise in forever, we keep getting passed up on promotions, or our home life is more difficult than normal.  When you find yourself in these ruts, what positive habits are you doing to improve your situation?

One proven method is physical exercise.  Another helpful method is growth through education.  When I find myself not moving, it is usually because I have stopped growing.  No, I’m not talking about my weight because that has a tendency to increase during these down times.  I’m talking about mentally.

What books have you read recently?

As you can imagine, I’m all about blogs because they are short and sweet and filled with great information but they are no replacement for a book.  Books have a way of helping you grow in ways that magazines and blogs cannot.

They envelop you and bring you into their world – they set you up for a significant change in thought process.

My ruts usually mean I have stopped learning.  At work when I stop moving, it is usually because I am no longer learning or challenged in my position.  This slow down has never resulted in a positive direction in my career or personal life for that matter.

Albert Einstein was quoted as saying, “Once you stop learning, you start dying.”  I didn’t really think about this until I was older.  When I have the most growth and movement in my life, it is during periods of intense learning and education.

In the past 10 years, I have developed a more intense desire for learning than I ever did during my early schooling years.  In the past 5 years more specifically, I have dedicated my learning towards specific topics that interest me rather than general knowledge.  I have been striving to learn as much as I can about personal finance so I can better educate myself in the matter and help others who are in bad financial situations.

My constant learning has catapulted me tremendously.  Even though finance is not related to my career, my career has moved significantly forward due to my continued growth.  The more I learn, the more I grow, and the more doors for opportunity have opened for me that have increased my income.

Education And Income

I am not talking about formal education, although that can help contribute to a higher income.  I am talking about constant learning.  The more you learn about communication, the better people skills you will develop.

The better people skills, the more job opportunities.

The more you learn to manage your money, the more money you have…. you get the point.  When you stop learning, you become stagnant and your opportunities diminish.
Due to my continued study of finance, I have been able to create this blog with content that I hope will resonate with and educate people.  While I am not earning more income because of this, my learning has increased exponentially and doors for increased income are starting to open.

I do not regret anything I have learned in my spare time.  Everything I learn I am able to use for one good purpose or another.  It’s like the old saying goes, “knowledge is power.”

Pick Up A Good Book – The Library Is A Great Resource!

I challenge you to put your phone down today.  Stop scrolling through Facebook and Twitter and head over to the library.  Go to a section you are interested in but never had the time to look into.

Do you want to learn to be a better cook?  Find a good cookbook and start from scratch.

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Do you want to start your own business?  Head over to the business section and pick up a book on starting a business.

Think about those interests you have, but never have the time to learn.  If you don’t make time, the time will never be there.  Trust me, learning is much more fun when you are studying something you actually care about.

Keep growing my friends and pick up a book to satisfy those curiosities you have pushed away for far too long.  Continue to learn and chase those hobbies and ideas that interest you.  There is so much to learn out there, head over to your local library and pick up an interesting book – they even have audio books for your long drives to work – for free!

The last book I read was Freakonomics, by Dubner and Levitt, a good read if you are interested!  For my top 10 reading list, click here—>My Top 10 Reading List (2018)
What are you currently reading?

Comment below, I am curious to see what my different readers are interested in! Also, please share this post across social media if you found it beneficial and sign up for email updates in the box below.  Keep pushing forward my friends, you work too hard to be this broke!

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