38 Best Business Ideas For Women

Recently, changes to the workforce have adversely affected women over men and have created a need for women to find new ways to earn a living. 

Getting Started

Before we start generating ideas for you, let’s talk about building a business. However, I wanted to touch on some basic overarching points that I think are important for everyone to think about.  

Protect Yourself

The first thing you need to do is incorporate your business. Incorporation allows separation of business liability from your own personal finances. 

Build An Online Presence

I recommend that you grab a domain name and email for your business. This ensures that no one else can take it, and it gives your customers a way to learn about you before they hire you (something everyone wants). 

Have A Business Plan

The best thing you can do for yourself and your business is first to write out your plan. Write out your idea, the need for your idea, who your clients are, how much you would charge for services, and your competition. 

Business Ideas For Women

1 – Startups Let’s start big. Maybe you have a great business idea that disrupts an industry, or an idea to make our lives easier, or to improve upon a product that’s already out there. 


Teaching is a prevalent profession amongst women. To work outside of academics, though, you don’t necessarily need a degree in education to teach others. 

2 – Tutoring 3 – Online Classes or Courses 4 – Khan Academy  5 -Post Videos on Your Own Website 6- Teaching English As A Second Language 


If you have an eye for design and a creative streak, then consider these different areas to potentially pursue. 

7 – Website Design 8 – Interior Design  9 – Graphic Design 

Online Business

Do you have a product you can sell? Do you have skills that you can offer up for a fee? If so, then you can make money online by establishing an online home-based business. 

10 – Etsy and Amazon  11 – Virtual Assistant  12 – Freelance Writer 

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