5 Best Free Financial Education Resources

While I would like to believe Arrest Your Debt is the only financial education website you ever need to visit, I realize there are many other great free resources available on the internet.

This list is updated continuously with the most up to date information to keep it relevant. Whether you’re just starting on your finance journey and trying to build a budget or want to begin investing, these resources will put you on the right track. 


I recently stumbled upon the website Pigly, which offers a wealth of resources focused on financial education. There is a real effort to educate families about proper financial planning and children’s financial education for free!


MyMoney.Gov is chartered and run by the Federal Financial Literacy and Education Commission. The goal is to offer financial education across the United States to increase financial literacy and improve the economy.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is a United States government agency that oversees banks and lenders to ensure they are working within the law and treating customers fairly.

 Khan Academy

As a 501(c)(3), Khan Academy operates exclusively off donations. This nonprofit organization’s mission is to provide free education and is separated into sections to assist students, teachers, and parents.

Next Gen Personal Finance

Next Gen Personal Finance is a nonprofit organization with a core mission of making free financial curriculum and educators’ resources.

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