7 Ways You Can Fight Inflation Using Coupons And Other Noteworthy Methods

Unless you live under a rock or somewhere you don’t have Internet, phone or TV, chances are you see the price of nearly everything skyrocket. Gas, food, diapers, baby formula, clothing, etc., are all going up, and many Americans’ pain in the pocketbook is evident.

Here are several ways to save money.  

Sign Up For Gas Station Loyalty Programs 

Gas stations offer loyalty programs or incentives for their loyal customers, but to get the deals offered, you must use the same gas stations. If you spend more with them, you get better discounts and rewards.

Use Grocery Store Circulates To Find Weekly Sales 

If you plan your meals each week, use the weekly circulars that grocery stores put out to plan the menu and save money. Many of these circulars have coupons they hide inside that customers can use.  

Use A Retailer’s Site And App For Digital Coupons

Many grocery stores and retailers have introduced digital coupons to help their customers save money. A good number of retail chains have an app that offers digital coupons that let you save while also letting you put them in a cart for them to be picked up later or delivered to your home.

Manufacturers also provide coupons for you to use and save money while shopping. You may have to spend a little time finding the coupons you need for your weekly menu and shopping trip.  

Consider Manufacturer Coupons For Brand Name Products

Many retailers provide cash-back, rebate programs, and digital coupons for their customers to use. Then, you also have apps such as Rakuten and Ibotta that provide these incentives to consumers.  

Cash-Back And Rebate Programs

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