9 [Myths] About Money You Need To Know!

Everyone has their own predispositions that influence how they save, spend, and earn their money.  Today, I will share these myths and how to avoid being a victim of falling for these money traps! 

When we think about money, many of us feel the only people who have money are the top 1%.  They have most of the money and what is left is a finite amount that the rest of us work and fight for. 

Myth 1: Money Is Finite

Myth 2: More Money More Problems

While many of us dream about winning the lottery, a similar number of us dread the thought of having that much money and responsibility. The more money and responsibility we have, the more stressed out we get. 

Myth 3: Wealthy People Are Men

Many successful women have come up through the ranks and created small businesses that have taken over.  Get rid of the male-dominated finance mindset and start creating the life you want.  

Myth 4: Money Is The Root Of All Evil

Many people refer to money being the root of all evil by leaving out a couple of very important words from the quote.  The quote they are referring to is from the Bible in the book of 1st Timothy 6:10 which states, “for the love of money is the root of all evil.”  

Myth 5: I Don’t Deserve It

Many people are uncomfortable thinking about money or accumulating money.  Comparing yourself to others can contribute to this thought process. 

Myth 6: You Need A Job That Pays You Twice A Month

Again, this myth was perpetuated to me throughout my youth. The goal was to avoid risks and get a good stable job that would take care of me for years to come. 

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