Which Beater Car Is Best? [And Why You Need One]

A beater car, also known as a ‘daily driver,’ a clunker, or a banger, is defined as an old and often low-quality car. Typically, these cars are high-mileage and very inexpensive.

Why Would Anyone Want To Buy A “Beater?”

In this day and age, cars are expensive. Buying a used car that suits your needs and budget is more practical than buying one that you cannot afford in the first place.  

How Many Miles Do Beater Cars Last?

It is impossible to determine the exact number a beater can run as it is determined by many factors like maintenance and the type of car. However, most cars can run up to 200,000 miles with proper care and maintenance. 

What Are The Advantages Of Buying A Beater Car?

- A Cheap Car Means Cheap Insurance - Less Maintenance Cost - Less Depreciation - You Could Pay Cash - Peace Of Mind - Saving In Taxes - Lower Registration Rates - Good Gas Mileage - Easy To Repair

Disadvantages Of Buying A Beater Car

- Lack Of Safety - It Is Not Aesthetically Pleasing Reliability - Long-Distance Travel Might Not Be Possible - Low Resale Value - Regular Inspection Needed - No Warranty - You Can’t Trust It

Common Beater Car Issues

- Leaks - Rust - Noisy Suspension - Transmission Issues - Overheating - Air Conditioning Issues - Bad Ignition Coils

Top Reliable Beater Cars

– Toyota Corolla – Honda Civic – Subaru Outback – Nissan Altima – Ford Focus – VW Jetta – Chevy Impala – Kia Rio – Mazda Tribute – Nissan Sentra – Chevrolet Cavalier – Ford Escort – Lincoln Town Car

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