Here is Our List of the 6 Best House Sitting Jobs

House sitting is when you watch someone’s house while they are out of town. Sometimes, house sitting services include spending the night, and sometimes it just involves stopping in at defined intervals and making sure everything is okay. 

Most house sitters get paid in one way or another unless you’re doing it as a favor to a friend or family member.  

The Best House Sitting Jobs for Travel Hacking

There are a plethora of house sitting opportunities available for those with an abundance of wanderlust but lack of funds. I mean, sleeping in the car is fun for a few days, but you definitely want a bed if you’re going to be traveling any longer than that!

Home Exchange 

Offers a unique system for traveling the world in exchange for house sitting. Home exchange does charge a yearly membership fee of $150.  

Love Home Swap 

Love Home Swap has basically the same system that home exchange does. You can either complete a classic swap (you watch my house while I watch yours) or use a points system. 

Trusted House Sitters 

Is very similar to the two websites above, but focusing on pet sitting. This website connects homeowners to pet sitters, but with a travel-related twist.

Luxury House Sitting 

Connects homeowners with luxury homes to house sitters and pet sitters looking to stay in beautiful homes for incredibly low prices. This platform boasts the cheapest plan of all – house sitters only have to pay $25 per year for access to the platform and can negotiate a fee with the homeowner before accepting any assignment. 

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