25 Best Places To Donate Books 

Books are great resources that provide us with knowledge and inspiration. Unfortunately, they also take up space in our homes, offices, and libraries. 

These Types Of Books Should Never be Donated

Books that are water damaged, moldy, or have a bad odor should not be donated. Books that have been written in or highlighted also do not belong in the donation bin, and children’s books with missing pages may need to go through a special process before they can be recycled. 

25 Best Places To Donate Used Books

Libraries love used book donations because they can resell them in their bookstores and use the proceeds for new purchases. 

1. Local Libraries

Little Free Library is a nonprofit organization aiming to make books accessible. The group encourages people to build small structures and then allow others, including children in your neighborhood or local school’s library, community organizations, etc., to interact by borrowing one book at a time from their collection.

2. Little Free Library

Having one’s free library can help many in need find solace for their lives and give them hope about tomorrow because they know there will always exist another story waiting just around every corner. 

3. Make Your Own Little Free Library

4. A School Or Community Book Drive Or Fundraiser

School donations ensure that every student in the classroom has what they need to succeed. In addition, families are relieved from financial stress when you donate necessary school supplies, and children feel more prepared for lessons with your contribution. 

5. Goodwill

Goodwill offers many different types of assistance depending on one’s needs. Still, you can always count on them if you need to donate books. Check out their website and find a drop-off location near you. 

6. Shelter Food Bank

The shelter food program is a great place to donate books. While the primary mission is food, they provide help for those who need it most, including donations of other needed items. 

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