16 Best Places to Sell Used DVDs

Streaming video has taken the world by storm, and I no longer need to dig into my collection to watch a movie. Luckily, there are still people who want to buy used DVDs, and this is the best article to show you where to sell used DVDs for the most money.

16 Best Places to Sell Used DVDs

Rather than writing your DVD collection into your will, spare your kids the trouble of throwing them out by selling them for cold hard cash today.

1. sellbackyourBook.com

The title is a bit misleading, but the website sellbackyourBook.com buys old DVDs for cash. In fact, to date, they have paid out over 10 million dollars to those looking to purge their old collections.

2. VarageSale

By taking advantage of the virtual garage sale space, VarageSale verifies both buyers and sellers through their Facebook profiles. If you’re looking for a place to buy and sell used goods, this mobile app and website is a great place to start.


One of the original apps in the local marketplace, OfferUp, is another good place to list your DVDs for sale. Rather than listing each DVD one by one, most sellers choose to offer their collection in bulk for a wholesale price.

4. Amazon

If you’re looking to get rid of your used DVDs quickly and don’t care how much you get for them, selling them or trading them in at Amazon can be a quick solution. One of the less attractive options is listing your used DVDs for sale as a third-party seller. 

5. Decluttr

Decluttr runs on both a website and a mobile app to make selling your old items easy. By entering the barcode of the item you want to get rid of, decluttr will provide you an offer.

6. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace continues to do well with Facebook users. Offering up your DVD collection for one bulk price can quickly get you many offers from nearby Facebook users to avoid shipping costs.

7. SellDVDsOnline.com

Just as the name suggests, this is a one-stop-shop to get instant quotes on your DVDs and receive an offer. Unfortunately, SellDVDsOnline does not have a mobile app, so you will need to access the website to enter your items.

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