Simple Credit Card Payoff Calculator [Updated]

This simple credit card payoff calculator will help you determine how quickly you can pay off your credit cards by paying extra each month! 

To use the calculator, use only one credit card at a time and follow these steps: – Enter the current balance of one of your credit card – Enter the current interest rate on your card

Using The Credit Card Payoff Calculator

The calculator will give you the approximate amount you are paying in interest each month when you do this.  To see how quickly you can pay off your credit card, there are two options: 

– Enter the total monthly amount you can afford to put toward your credit card in the “Monthly Payment” box or – Enter how many months you want to give yourself to pay off your credit card. The calculator will tell you how much you need to pay each month on the credit card to make that happen!

What Should I Do With My Results?

Now that you know how long it will take to pay off your credit card or how much you need to pay each month to get out of debt, there are a few steps you need to follow. The credit card calculator only gives you the necessary information to make a plan.

Step 1 – Create a Budget Step 2 – Cut out all unnecessary expenses Step 3 – Create an emergency savings account before you pay off debt! Step 4 – Increase your income with a side hustle. Step 5 – Put every extra dollar towards your debt to reach your goals.

Follow These Steps To Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt

If you have been playing the shuffle game where you move your credit card balance from one card to another with 0% interest – it’s time to stop.   Stop wasting time and spending all your energy applying for new credit cards.

The 0% Interest Struggle

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