8 Dangerous Online Scams To Avoid

Falling victim to online scams can negatively impact your mental and emotional health. They’re financially crippling and can drive you into debt issues.

8 Dangerous Online Scams To Avoid

1. Dating And Romance

Also known as catfishing, Dating and romance scams usually happen via online dating sites and may also utilize email or social media to contact you. Scammers typically create fake online dating profiles meant to lure victims in. 

Phishing is a cyberattack that uses disguised emails as a weapon. They use social engineering strategies to trick email recipients into trusting that they need the message. 

2. Phishing

3. Identity Theft

Identity theft occurs when someone uses your personal or financial data, including your social security number, credit card, bank account, and medical insurance, without your consent. 

4. Online Shopping Scams

Online shopping scams usually involve scammers passing themselves off as legit e-retailers. For example, they might fake ads on a genuine retail website or a fake website. 

5. False Billing

A false billing scam asks you or your company to clear fake invoices for advertising, domain name renewals, directory listings, or office supplies you never ordered.  

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