How To Build A Life You Can Be Proud Of

I feel most alive when I finally complete a long project and I am able to look back at my success. I am a very visionary and driven person by nature but even I struggle with motivation.  

Create Something You’re Proud Of In A Life Of Uncertainty

Don’t be fooled, my life has not always been sunshine and roses. I have plenty of demons and things that occasionally keep me up at night.  

Focus On What You Can Control

Too often I find myself focusing on situations I can not control. The situation is done and over with, but I continue to relive and overanalyze what happened and what I could have done differently.  

Creating A Vision For Your Life

My life is full of vision, as I’m sure yours is as well. I had the main vision of creating a family which I now have been blessed with.  

How To Create Something You Are Proud Of

Here is a simple formula to follow in order to be successful in your life to create and finish visions.  

Create a vision that you can achieve on your own.

Create a vision of what you want, such as a financial state, and make sure that you can accomplish it by yourself. Others may be able to accelerate your vision and help you achieve it faster, but don’t create a vision that NEEDS the support of others to achieve it. 

Create a vision that is specific.

Give yourself something specific to work towards. Avoid generalities to avoid losing motivation. 

Implement small strategies within your main vision to accelerate progress.

For instance, if you want to be debt free in 5 years, figure out what you need to do to achieve this vision. If you are $10,000 in debt, you will need to pay off $2,000 a year to achieve this vision in 5 years. 

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