How To Pay For College With No Money Saved

Have you found yourself in a position where you need to start paying for college, but you don’t have any money saved? Unfortunately, this is a norm for many Americans struggling to make ends meet.

The Student Loan Crisis

Here is a scary statistic: according to the US Department of Education, Americans owe 1.6 trillion dollars in student loans as of 2021. With that astronomical number, it’s no wonder we now consider huge student loan debt to be the “norm.”

Debt Is The New “Normal”

This “normal” is taught to us throughout our early years and by the lenders. First, we need a college degree that we can’t afford to move forward in this world. Then, after we get the degree, we get a job so we can buy things to impress people we don’t like.

How Much Does Tuition Actually Cost?

– University of Southern California – $60,275 per year – University of Chicago $60,552 per year – Harvard University $54,002 per year – Stanford University $56,169  per year – University of Notre Dame $57,669 per year – Arizona State University $11,338 per year

The Cost Of Community College

According to the Education Data Initiative, the average yearly cost of tuition and fees for a community college in the United States is only $3,400. 

Does A Name Really Matter?

Before you argue with me about the value of a degree from USC or another prestigious college, can you tell me the name of the school your doctor or surgeon attended? I’ll bet you can’t. You don’t know which university your doctor, surgeon, dentist, anesthesiologist, or other high-paid professional attended because it doesn’t matter. 

Other Great Ways To Save Money On Tuition

– Apply for FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid – Apply for the Pell Grant – If you’re thinking about the military, look into an ROTC scholarship – Go to and make filling out scholarships a full-time job

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