Is An Extended Car Warranty The Best Way To Save On Auto Repairs?

There are plenty of ways to save on auto repairs that you’ve likely never considered or have forgotten altogether. You might even be wondering if an extended car warranty can help you save money. 

Is An Extended Warranty Worth It?

Extended warranties can be a worthwhile investment dependent upon how you drive and your vehicle. For instance, if you drive a luxury or sports car, your repairs from the engine to paint job will be more expensive. Therefore, a warranty that covers certain high-dollar repairs might be worth the cost in premiums.

Your vehicle likely came with a factory or dealership warranty no matter what you drive. The OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer’s warranty covers significant repairs for a certain number of miles or years to protect the life of your car. 

If you put a lot of miles on your car, then your factory warranty has likely expired. On the other hand, if you put fewer miles on your vehicle than average, you should see if the factory warranty coverage still applies. 

Here are ways to ensure that you don’t go broke getting your car repaired.  

Check Local Repair Shops for Repair Costs

You can make a list of likely car repairs and routine maintenance and shop around for prices. This will help you understand what you will have to pay for scheduled and unexpected repairs.  

Learn How to Do Basic Car Repair and Maintenance

Another option for saving money this year is to learn to perform your car’s essential or scheduled maintenance. Doing your own regularly scheduled maintenance can save you hundreds of dollars a month.

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