Is Money Affecting Your Marriage?

The obvious answer to this question is “yes.”  Yes, money is affecting your marriage.  It can either be affecting your marriage in a positive or a negative way.  

Overcoming Obstacles As A Couple

In order to keep money from destroying your marriage, we need to look at the common mistakes that are made with money.  Some of the common money issues are: 

Hiding Money From Each Other

Hiding money doesn’t usually cause any problems, that is until the spender finds out about it.  By hiding money, they are saying they don’t trust the other spouse which leads to trust and commitment issues. 

Hiding Debt From Each Other

Refusing to disclose debt has the potential to destroy a marriage, both emotionally as well as financially.  Avoid hiding debt at all costs – resolve to have that tough money talk ASAP! 

If you ask any of my extended family members, they will tell you that I am cheap and too frugal.  While I would obviously totally disagree, it’s true that my frugal lifestyle and spending habits have influenced my family. 

Being Too Frugal

If you don’t have a budget – that is step one.  You can’t blame the spender for spending too much if they don’t have a budget to guide them.  

Spending Too Much Money

In order to be successful in your marriage, you two need to be on the same page and working towards the same goals.  If you are in debt, both of you need to be committed to destroying that debt.  

Set Yourself Up For Financial Success!

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