6 Best-Paid Jobs In iGaming

Whenever someone mentions the lucrative gambling industry, people typically focus on the playing action first. 

In this article, our focus is on the iGaming vertical and its employment prospects. Let’s discover the best-paid jobs one can take in this fast-paced and ever-growing industry. 

1. Director of Operations ($85,000 – $150,000)

This is one of the essential roles in a gambling business, regardless of its type. The Director of Operations is in charge of pretty much everything and often reports to the Chief Executive Officer.  

2. Casino Game Designer ($88,000 – $132,000)

According to the latest reports, casino game designers in the United States make good money. The lowest annual salaries move around the $88,000 mark, which is pretty solid. 

iGaming businesses are typically B2C in the sense that gambling websites serve players. As an account manager in a remote gambling business, you could tend to the needs of players or maintain good working terms with other companies. 

3. Account Manager ($40,000 – $85,000)

Affiliate managers at online gambling businesses are responsible for overlooking affiliate deals, creating new partnerships, and improving affiliate strategies. In a market with fierce competition, they are essential for growth and expansion.  

4. Affiliate Manager ($30,000 – $50,000)

As an iGaming copywriter, you can expect to create website content, product descriptions, and guides. Affiliate website writers often write casino reviews, game reviews, news articles, etc.  

5. iGaming Copywriter ($20,000 – $60,000)

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