Keep Your Savings Safe Despite Volatility: Fixed Income Options to Consider

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major volatility on stock and FX markets. Moreover, it has led to a global economic recession.  

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Stock Market Volatility

For investors, March of 2020 will forever be associated with a spectacular stock market crash. The global stock market has been volatile ever since.  

Best Low-Risk Investment Options for Today

High-Interest Savings Accounts

Recently, online banks have grown much more popular. One of the main reasons is they offer much higher interest on their savings accounts compared to traditional banks. 

GICs (Guaranteed Investment Certificates)

GICs are another type of fixed income investment similar to savings accounts. It usually offers a higher yield than the traditional savings account interest, but not by much. 

Low-Volatility ETFs

Low-volatility ETF funds, in general, are riskier than other traditional investments. However, they might bring a higher yield.  

Corporate Bonds

Corporate bonds are only as safe as the corporation you invest in. Investing in giant companies can be a wise move because even with the risk, the potential for good returns is very high. 

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