Lessons I Learned About The Value Of Time

There is no question about it, I am cheap and I cut financial corners whenever I can.  As I have grown older, I have made several “cheap mistakes” that have cost me valuable time. 

The Length Of My Cheap/Frugal Lifestyle

I have always been quite frugal when it comes to paying for things I can do myself.  I have a hard time paying someone a ridiculous amount of money in labor fees when it’s something I could learn to do from YouTube.  

Some of the recent things I have done to save money. 

Landscaping Vehicle Repairs House Paint  

Was It Worth It?

I can honestly say I would never do any of these projects again.  I would happily pay someone else to do it because it was not worth my time. 

The True Cost Of Being Cheap

I usually make poor choices and default towards being cheap which has cost me valuable time with my young children.  Looking back at it now, I should have paid cash for someone else to do some of these projects and spent my time completing smaller, less daunting and time-consuming projects. 

The Need For A Healthy Balance

During next month’s budget, set aside some time and maybe a little bit of money for some family time.  Don’t overdo it, but let’s start putting more value into the time we have been given. 

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