12 Ways To Live On A Postgrad Paycheck

Back in the day, tuition was manageable, careers were more stable, and if you had a job lined up, graduation marked the end of struggling to “make it.” 

Here’s some advice on where to look and how to make those dollars stretch. 

1. Keep Housing Costs Minimal

You might want to build equity by buying a house instead of renting, but you may also have limited funds. So why not look for an affordable fixer-upper, then add some sweat equity to make it shine? 

2. Install Energy-Efficient Windows

While you’re remodeling, cut down on future energy costs by putting in energy-saving windows. Dual-pane windows keep heat in better during the winter and out more effectively during the summer. 

If you work outside your home, make your own lunch and take it with you, and brew your own coffee. You’ll be amazed at how much you save. 

3. Cut Down On Dining Out

When it comes to home entertainment, everything seems to cost extra these days.  Choose one, sign up just long enough for the show you want to see, then cancel. Or cut the cord completely. 

4. Narrow The Stream

Whether it’s your stock portfolio or your skillset, diversification is the name of the game. The more skills you add, the more valuable you’ll become. 

5. Diversify!

Credit can be a great tool to help achieve your goals if it’s used wisely and judiciously. It’s important to establish and maintain solid credit so you can pursue larger goals down the road when you’re in better shape financially. 

6. Optimize Your Use Of Credit

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