Weather The Storm? The Key to Long-Term Investing Success

It has truly been a mental test for many people to stay invested in the stock market during this time. There has been a lot of money made and a lot of money lost. 

Retirement – Is It Even Possible?

Having a well-developed financial plan can take emotional decision making out of the investment process and let logical decision making prevail. Logic, strategy, and perseverance will win in the long run.

We will discuss some options to help you properly prepare for your future with a long-term approach. Simply put I will teach you how to weather any financial storm because you can bet there will probably be another one in your lifetime.  

Identify Your Investment Personality

One of the first steps on the path to financial success is to identify what type of investor you are – as far as risk is concerned. Generally, risk is broken down into three broad categories: – Conservative – Moderate – Aggressive

Once we have worked together to identify your investment style and risk tolerance, it is time to come up with a strategy to maximize return, protect your investments, and accumulate wealth. I will focus mostly on strategies for conservative or moderate investors throughout this article since this is where the majority of the investing population lies as well as a large portion of my clientele base. 

Develop A Strategy According To Risk Tolerance

An easy way to think of the financial journey is to think of it as building a house. The first step is to identify any financial obligations, debts, and the needs of the investor’s dependents. 

A Firm Investment Foundation

I view life insurance as the foundation of the financial house for these reasons. While not a traditional investment, life insurance provides an amount of financial protection for my clients and their families which would otherwise generally take decades to accumulate. 

Using Life Insurance To Your Advantage

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