Retirement Calculator

This simple retirement calculator will help you see if you are on track to have enough money when you reach your desired retirement age, or if you need to save a bit more each month. 

Your financial plan should focus on eliminating your debt and fully funding your nest egg. Financial security is worth its weight in gold, and your retirement plan should take into consideration your current age as well as the age you want to retire. 

Retirement Calculator Savings Plan

My calculator gives you a simple look at how much you may need to save to meet your retirement goal.

The calculator factors in the following information: 

– Your Current Age – Your Desired Retirement Age – Current Retirement Savings Balance – Expected Investment Return – Financial Needs In Retirement (Total Monthly Amount) – Include Social Security Benefits – Any Guaranteed Pension Benefits

How Much Should I Save For Retirement?

The amount someone should save for retirement is different for every individual. The first area you should focus on is determining how much money you want to live off of each month.  

Keep in mind, your current annual income is probably paying for more things than it would in retirement. For instance, by retirement age, you may no longer have a mortgage, kids to put through college or other outstanding debts. 

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