Selling A Wrecked Car For The Most Money [How To]

Many people have wrecked cars and are unsure of what to do with them. Rather than leaving the totaled vehicle in your backyard, selling the wrecked car may be your best bet. 

What Is A Wrecked Car?

A wrecked car is a car that has been damaged, usually beyond repair. For a vehicle to be considered “totaled,” it means it is so damaged that the amount of money required to repair it would be more than the vehicle’s worth. 

The following factors are highly considered in this process, and the repair services needed may require a different mechanic or body shop depending on the issues. 

The model and brand of the vehicle

Depending on your automobile’s model, the price of spare parts and labor can vary greatly. If your vehicle is older, finding replacement parts can be problematic.  

The extent of the damage

When fixing a wrecked vehicle, a more damaged car costs more to repair. When the vehicle is totaled or completely wrecked, the cost of having it fixed usually is more than the value of the vehicle itself. 

Selling A Damaged Or Wrecked Car

Selling a wrecked car can be a relief, primarily when you quickly sell it after being stuck with it for a while. It is a good way of getting instant cash instead of investing more money and time to have it repaired.  

Determining The Value Of Your Damaged Car

If your vehicle is a newer or high-end model, you will get more when you sell it. If the model is a bit older, even 20 years older, the amount you receive will probably be less. 

Selling Your Wrecked Car To A Used Car Dealer

Lots of car dealers purchase damaged vehicles. They mainly repair the cars for resale while others use them for spare parts. 

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