Social Media Break [Benefits And How To]

Social media is beneficial when used constructively but has many negative impacts. When you become addicted to social media, you will be obliged to spend so much time that you are left with limited time for other activities.

The Life-Changing Magic Of A Social Media Break

Breaking from social media comes with great and valuable benefits for anyone addicted to it. That includes reduced anxiety, improved overall mood, a break from the bondage of social comparison and feeling of inadequacy, and better productivity, among other magical benefits.

What Is A Social Media Detox?

Social media detox refers to a period of time when you deliberately eliminate the use of social media, including deleting social media apps from your phone and even disabling social media accounts to avoid consuming or checking on them until a certain period when the detox period ends.

How Much Social Media Time Is Healthy?

According to studies by clinical psychology experts, spending less time on social media can lead to positive impacts and better mental health.  The recommended time to keep to social media, therefore, should be less than 30 minutes daily. 

How Social Media Affects Mental Health

Going through posts and checking on your friends on social media, the comments, the likes, and shares, and seeing that they have excluded you, not commented or liked on your photos can have a negative impact on mental health.

- Being Constantly Annoyed - Comparison - Wasted Time

Signs You Definitely Need A Social Media Break

- Improved Relationships - Reduces Stress - Boosts Mental Well-being - Better Sleep - Lowered FOMO - Eases Anxiety - It Prevents Depression, Anxiety, And Psychological Distress - Better Self-Worth

What Are The Benefits Of A Break From Social Media?

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