Spend Less Save More, A Personal Finance Solution?

For someone struggling with finances, the idea of “spend less, save more” may seem pretty simple.  However, if you struggle with debt or are having difficulty building wealth, you know that personal finance is not that easy. 

Take Christmas for instance. Each year there seem to be more and more unexpected purchases that we fail to budget appropriately for.  So it seems the idea of “spending less” is not always an option.  I can tell you to spend less at Christmas, but even I could not follow my own advice this year. 

Spend Less

The Myriad Of Strategies

Spending less involves a significant shift in mindset to learn what you really value in life and what you can do without. Spending less is definitely easier said than done. 

Save More

“Save More” is a noble goal, saving alone will not do you much good in the grand scheme of things.  You need to invest if you ever hope to stop working. 

So What Can We Do?

The first step to being successful in this financial journey is to take your head out of the sand and stop pretending there is nothing you can do about your finances.  It is not about making more money, (Why Wealth And Income Is Not The Same Thing) it’s about taking control of your money right where you are, right now. 

If you can’t control your spending by making minimum wage, you will not be able to control your spending if you’re making six figures. Anyone can pay off debt and build wealth with the right mindset, and I hope today is that day for you. 

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