Starting Over At 50 Can Be Done, Here’s How

While I don’t know your exact situation, I’m guessing that starting over at 50 was not something you ever thought about or planned for. The social narrative that governs our lives for decades is that of a linear progression.  

Starting Over At 50 Years Old vs. As A Young Adult

Although young people are adaptable due to their age, life experience is a check in the advantage column for you. The tricky part seems to be putting that life experience to work in a world where things are rapidly changing. 

Hitting Rock Bottom

Experiencing a devastating midlife crisis can be more than just struggling to come to terms associated with aging. The loss of your support structure can cause even the healthiest individuals to go into panic mode. 


Retirement plans, pensions, and savings are vanishing in thin air, with many people beyond the age of 65 having to work. Many have to wait longer for full Social Security benefits, and pension plans require more out-of-pocket contributions. 


Divorce is a significant obstacle in people’s lives. Although separations can be amicable, a divorce is enough to send anyone’s life into a tailspin. 

Illness Or Injury

A severe health issue is enough to knock anyone off the path of life. In an environment with pollutants, foods high in preservatives, and stressful working conditions, maintaining good health is challenging. 

Emotional Trauma

Unresolved childhood trauma can persist into your 50s and beyond. These hidden issues can exacerbate your path to starting over. 

1. Downsize 2. Finding The Right Career Coach 3. Acquire Marketable Skills 4. Avoid Information Overload 5. Leverage Social Media 6. Choose Proper Life Partners 7. Give Back

7 Changes To Boost Your Efforts While Starting Over At 50

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