How To Stop Your Husbands Bad Spending Habits

Does your husband or significant other have a bad spending habit? In this article, I will tell you what worked and what didn’t work to get my spending under control. 

A Man’s Perspective On Money

As a husband, I find it very difficult to admit my insecurities.  The truth is, I can’t fix everything and I don’t know everything, but far be it from me to admit that. 

How Do You Stop Your Husband / Spouse’s Bad Spending Habits?

First and foremost, your husband needs a reason to recognize his bad habits. If he thinks everything is fine, why would he want to discuss this “budget” you keep bringing up? 

How My Wife Changed My Habits

She approached me in a non-confrontational way and shared what she had discovered in our finances.  When I saw those numbers, it was an immediate shock because I had never tracked my spending. 

The Kid Glove Approach To Talking To Your Spouse About Money

When she was actually able to sit me down and show me the numbers instead of telling me how awful I was with money, it had a much greater impact. Had she started to nag me and tell me we needed to do a budget and push me to spend less, I would have resisted. 

The Steps To Stop His Spending

1. Create A Budget – By Yourself 2. Creating Common Ground 3. Create A Vision With Your Husband 4. Establish Your Financial Why 5. Sharing Control Of Your Finances

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