Here Are 40 of the Best Jobs for Retirees

According to a Transamerica Center For Retirement Studies survey, many workers expect to retire after age 65 or never retire. The majority (55%) of workers plan to work in retirement either part-time (41%) or full-time (14%).

Jobs For Retirees

1. Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers are those who manage accounts, invoices, payroll, and other financial records for businesses. They use various math and computer programs like Excel, Quickbooks, and other accounting software.

2. Join a Board

Serving on a board for a non-profit or corporation is an excellent way to leverage your credentials, skills,  and skills. It also can be pretty lucrative.

3. Business or Management Consultant

An option for those who enjoyed their job, and are not ready to fully retire, is becoming a business or management consultant. You can continue to work at your current employer either part-time or flexible hours or do it independently.

Retirees can work as administrative assistants or secretaries, especially if they bring a set of varying skills to do essential nitty-gritty work. Their responsibilities are to support administrative professionals in any sector and can work remotely.

4. Administrative Assistant/ Secretary

The logistics supervisor oversees daily operations at manufacturing plants and warehouses, coordinating shipments of products.  

5. Logistics Supervisor

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