9 Ways to Make Money Selling Photos Online

Launching a side hustle or online job takes time. Though we might have more of that, it’s still hard to know where to start. Selling photos online is an easy way to get extra cash.

How To Start Selling Photos Online 101:

To start selling photos online, make sure you first invest in: 1. A decent camera with multiple lenses 2. The right photo editing software 3. Yourself, i.e., reading up and researching photography courses, videos, and articles 4. Know why you need to sell

9 Sites Where You Can Sell Your Photos Online

1. SmugMug Pro 2. Shutterstock 3. Etsy 4. iStockphoto 5. Adobe 6. Alamy Stock 7. 500px Prime 8. PhotoShelter 9. Bonus: Fotomoto

Sell Your Photos on Your Website

The number one reason why it’s enticing to sell your photos on your website? You keep all the profits. While selling on your website is not quite as simple as selling photos to all the big stock photo websites mentioned above, selling photos online with your WordPress website can be done.

Things you can control: 

– Your prices and what you sell them for – How to structure contracts –  annual contracts and your terms – You can customize your work and how it’s displayed

When you set up your website to sell your photos, consider these pointers: 

1. Create a name that fits your photos niche 2. Select a free them that includes online shopping options such as Woocommerce 3. Design your website and add some content 4. Write an about you page

Tips making the most money selling photos online:

1. Sell photos people want to buy! 2. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes 3. Make it easy to get paid 4. Make your online portfolio sexy

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