8 Actionable Ways To Save $500 A Month

Most of us make way more money than we actually need to survive. Unfortunately, many of us get sucked into spending out of boredom, habit, or a lack of financial planning.

Actionable Ways To Save $500 A Month

1. Automate Your Saving

To guarantee you save $500 a month, use the strategy of automatically paying yourself first. Most people do their best to limit their spending during the month and save whatever is leftover at the end of the month.

During the pandemic, many gyms have been forced to close. However, many of the gyms that closed have also continued to charge monthly membership rates -unless the subscriber manually canceled the memberships. 

2. Cancel Your Gym Membership Due To Covid

3. Refinance your student loans

If you have obtained your degree and are a few years into paying down your loan, refinancing may help you lock in a historically low-interest rate. 

4. Switch To A Streaming Service

Cable bills are notorious for slowly increasing your rates month over month until you are paying hundreds of dollars for channels you never watch. Rather than paying over $100 a month for a few select channels you actually view, ditch cable, and “cut the cord.” 

5. Have A Yard Sale

Don’t underestimate the price someone is willing to pay for your old items such as clothes, furniture, books, and toys!

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