What Is A Good Salary?

Deciding on what is a good salary is relative to where you live, your age, and the size of your family, among other factors.

Factors That Can Determine A Good Salary

Geographic Location

Depending on their location, people in the same profession, career, and experience level may get different salaries. But, of course, no one fixed salary cuts across the other locations since the cost of living varies from one place or city to another.


Education is another factor that determines what a good salary looks like. If you have a high school diploma, you cannot compare yourself with someone with an associate degree, bachelor’s, or advanced degree, such as a master’s degree.  

Experience Level

With more experience, you can earn more. But, of course, you cannot compare someone with an experience of 10 years and an experience of 2 years in terms of their income brackets if they are in the same industry and occupation.


Different industries have salary differences or median earnings. For example, some jobs with rare skillful persons may pay higher than those in flooded areas where the skills are readily available.

Success And Performance

If you have always registered great successes and exemplary performance in your field, you can negotiate a better salary and stand a chance for a promotion. 

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