What is Career Counseling and Why You Should Consider It

Career counseling is a support service that helps people navigate their careers – whether they are unemployed, underemployed, entering the workforce for the first time, making a career change, or are looking to make their career more meaningful and satisfying.

Who is Career Counseling For?

People of all ages, professions, backgrounds, and experience levels can benefit from career counseling or career coaching. 

How Can Career Counseling Help Me?

Instead of job searching alone, a career counselor can explore your options with you and get you on the right career path. 

What Happens in a Career Counseling Session?

There are 3 main things you should expect from the career counseling process: 1. Self Assessment 2. Career Exploration 3. Applying for Jobs

When Should I See a Career Counselor?

Career development is a lifelong process, after all. Very few people stay in the same job for their full careers anymore. So the sooner you can start working with a career counselor, the better.

How Can I Benefit from Career Counseling?

There are plenty of ways anyone can benefit from career counseling, no matter what stage they are at.  - You will feel happier. - You will make (more) money. - You will be better prepared.

Is Career Counseling Free?

Unfortunately, in most cases, the answer is no. Career counseling is not free. 

How Do You Choose the Right Career Counselor?

Be careful with who you hire, though, as anyone can call themselves a career counselor or career coach, even if they don’t have any training at all. It’s important to look at their qualifications and read client reviews before making any commitments or giving them your money. 

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