Why Wealth Is Not Related To Income

What is wealth? Many people place their value on how much money they earn each year.  

High Incomes Are Common

People who make over $200K a year are not as rare as they once were – but the wealthy ones are. It turns out, measuring wealth shines a light on our bad spending habits.

What Is Wealth?

Wealth should be more related to net worth.  

In reality, many millionaires in this world live in moderate/middle-class neighborhoods. 

Even You Can Become Wealthy

There is no reason you can not pay off your debt, experience financial freedom, and begin to build your legacy.  It’s not about getting rich; it’s about being responsible with our money and reducing/eliminating our financial stress.  

Combining Wealth And Income

My main goal is to continue to raise my income and my wealth as much as I can.  Building wealth is certainly easier with a higher salary – as long as you do not increase your spending.  

Building Wealth Right Where You Are

If you are striving for a higher income because you feel it will be your answer to your debt crisis, rest assured, a higher income will not rid you of your debt and money problems.  The only way you will solve your debt problems is by changing your spending habits right where you are, with your current income. 

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