What Makes A Great Advertising Campaign?

The world of advertising is incredibly competitive. Thousands of companies use advertising to boost brand awareness and entice potential customers to make a purchase. 

Today’s master advertisers aim to go viral online and start trends among the public. It takes strategic planning and a whole helping of luck to make that happen in what is a saturated market. 

Finding The Right Tone And Targeting Your Ideal Customer

Defining your target audience is key to any successful advertising campaign; most marketers agree this is the most crucial stage of creating any campaign. 

Advertisements That Everyone Remembers

The very best adverts stick in a consumer’s mind long after they have finished airing on their screens or the turning of a few magazine pages. 

The company’s U.S. importer, Carillon Importers, enlisted the services of TBWA Worldwide for Absolut’s first advertising campaign back in the early 1980s. A simple picture of the Absolut bottle with a halo over the cap above the slogan “Absolut Perfection” started an epic campaign spanning more than 25-years and producing more than 1,500 separate advertisements, with each following in a similar vein. 

Adverts Are Not Only For Selling Products And Services

Although the prime reasons for advertising are promoting brand awareness and eliciting sales, brands can use advertisements for other purposes. For example, companies use them to thank customers, apologize to them, or even promote a different cause entirely. 

KFC suffered logistical problems in the United Kingdom in February 2018, issues that ultimately saw many of its restaurants run out of chicken. That is correct; a company that sells chicken had no chicken to sell! Instead of burying its head in the sand until the chicken was in free stock again, KFC created a standalone print ad apologizing for the situation. 

Supermarket giant Tesco hit the headlines in the marketing world by creating a print ad during the COVID-19 pandemic. The British government placed tight restrictions on the public visiting pubs and even forced their closures at one stage. 

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