Use This 100 Envelope Challenge To Save $5050!

Have you heard about the 100-day money challenge? It’s also known as the 100 envelope challenge. If it suits you, it can be a fun way to spark life into your current savings or help you get started. 

What Is The 100 Envelope Challenge?

Can you close your eyes and imagine being $5,050 richer in just 100 days? While this 100-day envelope challenge is difficult, it can also be fun.

How The Envelope Challenge Works

Every day you do the envelope money challenge, you pull out a random envelope. Whatever number is on that single envelope is the amount of cash you put into it. Once your 100 days are up, your cash envelopes will total $5,050 in savings!

How Long Does The Envelope Challenge Take?

The 100-day envelope challenge obviously takes 100 days to complete. That usually breaks down to 14 to 15 weeks or 3.5 months.

The 100-day money challenge is a version of the broader day money challenge. You still number and fill envelopes in the hopes of finding more financial freedom by the end of it, but you can decide how many days you want to do it.  

What Is The Day Money Challenge?

If you do the original 100-day challenge as intended, then you’ll wind up with a savings potential of  $5,050 when it’s all said and done.  

How Much Money Do You Get From The Envelope Challenge?

1. Get Envelopes 2. Write the Numbers  3. Store Them  4. Shuffle Them  5. Pick a Daily Envelope  6. Insert the Money  7. Set the Envelope Aside  8. Track Your Progress  9. Finish 

Step-by-Step Guide To Do The 100 Envelope Challenge

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