19+ Tricks To Stop Spending Money

Many of the tricks to stop spending money listed later are easy to do, but some might also take a bit of work. 

How Do I Get Self-Control Over My Spending?

The American Psychological Association illustrates how stressful spending can be, but they also point out various strategies you can use to flex some willpower over your finances: - One Thing at a Time  - Tracking Spending Works  - Automate Your Savings  - Preventing Temptation - Surround Yourself With Support

Psychological Reasons For Overspending

Overspending can happen for many reasons, including: – Credit is easier to spend than hard cash – Failing to consider what else could have been done with a sum of money – Immediate rewards over future concern – Lack of or just low willpower – Lapses in mental accounting – Retail therapy – Self-justification – Shopping addiction – Special occasion – The effect of ‘why not?’

19 Tricks To Stop Spending Money

Be honest and open enough to create a budget that you’re likely actually to stick with over time. If you need to, track all expenses for two to three months to see what your undisciplined budget is like, and then try to cut 20 percent of your spending in obvious categories.

1. Make A Realistic Budget

Many of them are discussed one by one throughout this list and content, but many forms of compulsive or needless spending are just bad habits, more than just mental disorders. That means they’re much easier to fix.

2. Watch Out For Bad Habits

Many people stick to their diets until around 4 p.m. Decision fatigue is real, and with each passing decision, choices usually get worse as the day goes on.

3. Make Money Decisions Earlier In The Day

Don’t let any website automatically save your debit or credit card numbers for easy spending later on. For that matter, don’t let your browser save them either.

4. Don’t Auto Save Numbers On Websites

Grocery stores are an exception, as this one applies to places like Target. You can laugh at an Internet meme about someone going there for toothpaste and then spending $212.45, but you don’t want to be that person.

5. Leave The Cart At The Door

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